Podcast S1 E1 – Brad Webb

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Podcast season 1 episode 1 with guest Brad Webb

Recorded April 2023

Podcast interview with drummer Brad Webb.

Brad is a drummer from Louisiana and after studying classical percussion for most of his life, he switched his focus to drum set.

He’s living up in Boston now and it was great to catch up with him and learn more about his development as a player.


The song featured in this episode is Prominent Randy by Extended.

Thank you to Bart over at the Drum History podcast for his advice and helping me pick out gear.

The drum intro is from Charles Ruggiero’s Loop Loft sample pack.

Brad Webb – New Orleans Drummer

I first became aware of Brad Webb as part of Extended Trio and got to see them play in St. Paul, MN a couple of years ago.

I didn’t know anything about the group, other than that they were from New Orleans, which was enough for me. Later I’d find out how lucky I was to see them this far north. They’re all incredible musicians and rarely travel up this way as a group.

I was immediately taken with the whole band and watching Brad play is infectious. He’s got such a contained energy and his ideas flow freely.

I got to talk to him after the show and learned that he has a deep classical music background and studied at New England Conservatory.

He also showed me his beat up ride cymbal (I think I remember him telling me that he found it near a shed in a rural area) and introduced me to LA Backbeat drumsticks, which are made in Louisiana.

Brad Webb Making Faces

Aside from playing in Extended Trio and other groups, Brad Webb is a composer and has his own group that’s active in New Orleans.

Brad’s new album was just released. Get it on Bandcamp.

Update – June 2020

Here’s a new interview with Brad from the Talkin’ Jazz: The Virtual Sessions. Fred Kasten hosts the long-running Talkin’ Jazz interview series, which is a collaboration between the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park and the New Orleans Jazz Museum. Enjoy!