Practicing Drummer is a blog I started in November 2016 to share what I’m discovering as I pursue playing the drums and music again.

After playing drums my whole childhood, going to Berklee College of Music, and having a short career as a drummer and instructor, I gave it up for many years.

Without drums to focus on, the obsessiveness that had been given to music was directed at becoming a web developer and professional photographer, which I still do.

It wasn’t until winter 2016 that after a shoulder injury that I thought to myself, “Oh no, I’ll never play drums again!” It was a powerful moment. After not playing for many years, it was clear to me that drumming was still very important to me. I spent a couple of months in physical therapy and promised myself that I would start practicing drums again as soon as I could.

My primary focus right now is jazz drumming, so that will likely be most of what I share, though I am interested in all styles of music.

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