Max Roach Documentary

Max Roach the drum also waltzes premieres Oct 6 at 9e on PBS. Part of the American Masters documentary series.

After missing the Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes when it made the film festival rounds, I am very excited that it is premiering on PBS at 9pm Eastern on Friday. I hope you all can tune in to watch it.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that a recording of a Max Roach clinic that I attended in 1991 is available on YouTube. The audio is a bit rough, but the content is fantastic and there’s a transcript available.

While you’re there you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ve started archiving the podcast episodes there and curating some playlists. More to come.

Brazilian Drumming Masterclass

This drum clinic by Isac Jamba is really great. He clearly breaks down several Brazilian rhythms (Samba, Batucada, Bossa Nova, BaiĆ£o) with such an uplifting and inspiring approach.

If you have any interest in playing Brazilian styles, this video is invaluable. Big thanks to Memphis Drum Shop for hosting this and recording it for us all to watch.

Aside from demonstrating his wonderful playing, Isac breaks down the more authentic samba cymbal pattern, which is not the one I learned growing up in the United States. You can find that info at the 14:40 mark. I’ll be shedding this for a long time until I retrain myself and break old habits.

Samba cymbal pattern

Samba cymbal pattern showing the 16th note pattern of 1e-a 2e-a 3e-a 4e-a

Max Roach Drum Clinic and Masterclass

I recorded this drum clinic on February 21, 1991 when Max Roach was at Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. It was recorded on a cheap cassette tape recorder. Please forgive the imperfections.

Thanks to my friend Mike who cleaned up the file after I digitized it. He saved this recording from being almost unlistenable and I’m very grateful.

I hope some of you enjoy this recording. There are some great stories and bits of wisdom from Max Roach.

Below is a transcript. Please contact me if you can fill in any of the missing names/words or if you find errors.

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