Max Roach Klactoveesedstene

I hadn’t heard this alternate version of “Klact-oveeseds-tene” by Charlie Parker until Billy Hart mentioned the Max Roach solo drum break during his incredible interview with Pablo Held.

After a lot of searching, I tracked it down on disc 5 of Charlie Parker’s Complete Savoy And Dial Studio Recordings box set and then on YouTube (above).

Here’s a quick transcription that I did of Max Roach’s 8 bar solo break, which is a 4 bar phrase played twice.

I worked on it by simply singing the phrase over and over with the recording, tapping my foot or snapping on 2 & 4. After that I brought it to the kit to work on different voicings and adding accents.

It’s also a nice phrase to work on with a ride cymbal pattern and you can even try moving the bass drum notes over to the hi-hat foot.

Have fun!

Charlie Parker Complete Savoy And Dial Studio Recordings

Signal Boost: Brian Blade

To drummers reading this, I hope that Brian Blade needs no introduction.

Brian is currently raising funds for the following projects:

  1. A new recording by The Fellowship Band Kings Highway
  2. The Hallelujah Train recording and documentary
  3. The debut recording of LifeCycles
  4. An archival live recording of The Fellowship Band
  5. The reissue of The Fellowship Band Season of Changes
  6. The reissue of the Mama Rosa album

If you have the means, you can donate here.

March 26/27 – Kenny & Joe

Here’s a quick post to give a heads up about a couple of things I’m especially excited about this weekend.

Kenny Washington

Bill Charlap Trio

The Bill Charlap Trio is streaming from Smoke both Friday and Saturday nights! This means we’ll get up close with the great Kenny Washington. Get your tickets here.

Joe Farnsworth

Joe Farnsworth

On Saturday, it’s time to swing with Joe Farnsworth. He’s presenting an online master class in the afternoon. You can sign up and find more info here.

If you can’t make it or if you simply missed Quincy Davis’ interview with Joe, you can find that on Instagram. Quincy has been killing it lately with his Drummer 2 Drummer series and I can barely keep up. So much good stuff over there!

Feed the Second Line

If after all of this you still have money left, please consider donating to Feed the Second Line. They’re doing important work in New Orleans to make sure that the musicians are fed and supported during this time of very limited work.

Ralph Peterson

Ralph Peterson by Clara Pereira
Photo by by Clara Pereira

It’s a sad week. Master drummer and musician Ralph Peterson passed away on March 1st at the young age of 58.

I remember being obsessed with his instructional DVD, which was also the first time I heard a young Melissa Aldana. In the spirit of Art Blakey, Ralph was committed to carrying on the tradition of mentoring young musicians.

I’ve been a fan of Ralph’s for as long as I can remember, but only got to see him play live once.

In 2018 I met John Riley at the Manhattan School of Music for a lesson. As we were walking down the hall, we could hear drumming in the distance. As we got closer and realized where the sound was coming from, John was concerned and remarked “nobody should be in my office.”

When John opened the door to his office, there was Ralph Peterson, helping a student prepare for a gig. What a surprise! I said hello and told him I was a big fan.

Later that week I made my way over to the Jazz Standard for a Geri Allen tribute concert that Ralph put together with Luques Curtis and Orrin Evans. We spoke briefly after the show and I left with such warm feelings.

Rest in peace, Ralph.

Herlin Riley Live from New Orleans

If the above video doesn’t work, you can view it on Facebook directly.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of being in New Orleans on King’s Day for the king cake kick-off and saw Herlin Riley live at Bywater Bakery‘s block party. It was an unforgettable experience.

This year they held the event virtually and it was great! I was so glad to get a taste of New Orleans all the way up at the north end of the Mississippi river.

Featured Performers included:

Leyla McCella, John Boutte, Charmane Neville, and a Super Group comprised of: Herlin Riley, Oscar Rosignolli, Corey Henry, Wendell Brunious, Wes “Warm Daddy” Anderson, Detroit Brooks, and Chris Severen.

Happy New Year and Happy (almost) Mardi Gras!

Want to order a king cake? Bywater Bakery has you covered!

Feed the Second Line

Please consider donating to Feed the Second Line. They’re doing important work in New Orleans to make sure that musicians and cultural leaders are supported during this time of limited work.