Elvin Jones Drum Clinic Video 1984

Maybe this is old news to some of you, but I recently stumbled across a huge archive at the University of North Texas Libraries and found a couple of hours of footage from April of 1984 when Elvin Jones was there giving a seminar. I’m still in shock that I didn’t know this existed until today.

I’m looking forward to exploring this resource to see what other gems have been archived. Enjoy!

Podcast – Ronnie Burrage

This episode is available in most places that you listen to podcasts and on YouTube.

Episode 6 Ronnie Burrage Practicing Drummer podcast

Recorded March 2024

Podcast interview with drummer Ronnie Burrage.

From performing with Duke Ellington at just nine years old, having his own band with Marcus Miller and Kenny Kirkland, to playing with Sonny Rollins, Pat Metheny, McCoy Tyner, and countless others, Ronnie has had a really impressive career. 

He’s currently staying busy teaching, working with his non-profit called World Rhythm Academy, and playing with his band, Holographic Principle.


The song featured in this episode is Village of the Darned from the album Neohippus by Jack Walrath.

My blog post that I mentioned at the top of the episode:
A Hearing Test Saved My Life

The drum intro is from Charles Ruggiero’s Loop Loft sample pack.

Noble and Cooley Serial Numbers

I was trying to find information about a used Noble & Cooley snare drum last week and when searching for information about their serial numbers, all of the results mentioned to contact them to ask for info.

It was hard to believe that the info wasn’t available anywhere, but after searching for a while longer, I finally decided to follow that advice and went to the contact page on the Noble and Cooley site.

To my surprise, the answer to my question was right there in the placeholder text of one of the form fields! Because I’m a nerd, it makes sense to me why that placeholder text isn’t being indexed by Google, so I’m sharing it here with the hope that it’ll be more easily found by others in the future.

Noble and Cooley Serial Numbers

Here is the official info from Noble & Cooley:

For drums made before 2000, the first two numbers of the serial are the last two numbers of the year it was made, but reversed. So ’19’ is 1991, and ’89’ is 1998.

For drums made after 2000, the first two digits of the serial are in proper order, so ’16’ was made in 2016.

Noble and Cooley contact form