Jack DeJohnette Instructional Video

In the first of a few posts where I admit to being late to the party, I wanted to make sure that the video Jack DeJohnette – “Musical Expression On The Drum Set” gets a little promotion.

This came out around the time that I was at Berklee and I hadn’t started to wrap my head around Jack’s playing yet. Somehow this one slipped by me at the time. Admitting that I saw this video for the first time in 2022 doesn’t feel great, but I’m glad I finally watched it. I know many drummers that wore this video out in the 90s.

Jack’s playing is great and the interviewer is thoughtful, asking just the right questions to get Jack to open up on topics ranging from relaxation, dynamics, brushes, and playing musically over the bar line. There are lots of gems here!

If you’re new to getting into Jack DeJohnette or just want some more inspiration, check out the great Drum Candy podcast episode 10 Reasons to Love Jack DeJohnette.