Louis Hayes at Smoke

Louis Hayes sitting at the drums

With the Village Vanguard taking a break to figure out their streaming issues, I’ll probably promote fewer gigs here for a bit. I’m guessing that most of you now know where to check each week to see what’s going on. Of course, I’ll still post about gigs that I’m really excited about, which is why I’m posting this one.

Louis Hayes is a hero of mine and I love the album Undercurrent by Kenny Drew that he plays on, which not many people who I talk to are very familiar with. It’s definitely worth checking out.

And for those who haven’t seen this, My Music Masterclass put out a Louis Hayes Masterclass that’s very affordable.

I’m absolutely thrilled that I’ll get a chance to see him play this weekend.

Louis Hayes & the Cannonball Legacy Band

October 3rd & 4th @ 8pm EDT / Smoke Jazz club

Louis Hayes (drums)
Vincent Herring (alto saxophone)
Rick Germanson (piano)
Dezron Douglas (bass)

$10 – smokejazz.com

Smalls Jazz Club

As always, Smalls Jazz Club in New York is streaming every day and has a tremendous archive available.


Feed the Second Line

Please consider donating to Feed the Second Line. They’re doing important work in New Orleans to make sure that the musicians are fed and supported during this time of limited work.

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