Charli Persip Medical Fund

Jazz drummer Charli Persip

I just saw this news on the Four on the Floor blog about Charli Persip and want to help spread the word.

Please consider helping out if you are able. You can donate on Go Fund Me or the family will also accept a check if you message them privately. Details below.

From the Go Fund Me page:

“Famed jazz drummer, Charli Persip, known for his band SuperSound, has played with jazz legends such as Dizzy Gillespie and Billy Eckstine. Unfortunately, in recent years, Charli Persip has been struggling with illness. Due to this, he had to stop doing what he loves the most; performing and teaching. This has left him to fall on hard times financially due to medical bills.

We are reaching out to the jazz community at this time for any contributions towards the Charli Persip medical fund. He would greatly appreciate the support. You can e-mail his family at as well.

Here is a video of Charli Persip’s Surprise 90th Birthday Party and Benefit concert that took place on Saturday, July 20th, featuring over 60 musicians including Jack DeJohnette, Don Byron, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, Barry Harris, Andrew Cyrille, Sherman Irby, Nasheet Waits, Eric McPherson, Paul West, Mickey Bass, Marcus Baylor, Craig Harris, Bob Stewart, Jack Walrath, Freddie Hendrix, E.J. Strickland, Patience Higgins, Warren Smith, Todd Bashore, Don Sickler, Taru Alexander, among others. Hosted by Nabaté Isles:”

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