Podcast S1 E1 – Brad Webb

This episode is available in most places that you listen to podcasts.

Podcast season 1 episode 1 with guest Brad Webb

Recorded April 2023

Podcast interview with drummer Brad Webb.

Brad is a drummer from Louisiana and after studying classical percussion for most of his life, he switched his focus to drum set.

He’s living up in Boston now and it was great to catch up with him and learn more about his development as a player.


The song featured in this episode is Prominent Randy by Extended.

Thank you to Bart over at the Drum History podcast for his advice and helping me pick out gear.

The drum intro is from Charles Ruggiero’s Loop Loft sample pack.

Podcast: Season 1

I’ve been listening to podcasts since around 2007 when there weren’t many available and it was something mostly nerds like me knew about. We’re now living in a golden age of content, especially for drummers. There are so many good shows available and I urge you all to check out:

…and many more.

This spring I ended up with some extra time on my hands and decided to reach out to a few of my favorite drummers to see if I could interview them for a podcast series of my own. It’s something I’ve wanted to try and it’s been a fun and humbling learning experience. For those of you who do it week after week, you have my undying respect.

Over the next several weeks I’m going to release the first season of the Practicing Drummer Podcast, which includes five interviews. Four are already recorded and the fifth one should be ready to roll soon.

The guests for this first season are:

I’m incredibly humbled that all of these great players took the time to talk about their development and current routines, in and out of the practice room.

The first episode featuring Brad Webb should be out any day now and you will be able to find the podcast just about wherever you listen to them.

I want to give a big thanks to Bart at the Drum History Podcast for helping me pick out gear and giving me a crash course in audio editing. He was so incredibly helpful. Anything you like about the sound is thanks to Bart and anything you don’t like you can blame on me. I’m learning as I go.

Stay tuned to the blog for episode announcements or follow me on Instagram.

While I am planning for a second season, I likely won’t start it until things slow down for me after summer. Until then, I hope you enjoy season 1.